Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My Portfolio Review (20 years ago)!

Well I was just thinking about 20 years ago when I went for a portfolio review at Pratt and a professor said to me, "You do a little of everything- you draw, you paint, you make mosaics, you do this and need to concentrate on one thing." Here I am 20 years later and nothing has changed. I just cut, sewed and hung fabric and decorated an entire room, created a wreath from scratch and finished it, handmade pompoms, and did I say I cooked dinner and did homework with the kids. Well I have something to say to that professor, whoever he was- I am Nicole, nice to meet you and I do a little of everything, I draw, paint, design, sew, bake, decorate, take pictures, and raise a bunch of crafty kids.  Guess what?  I am so HAPPY that I am CREATIVE! Thank you very much!

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